My name is Seppo Helava. I developed and designed one of the longest-lasting, most successful games on iOS/Android, and did it by building a company that innovated faster than our competition. Ask me anything!

Seppo Helava: Ha! I have no idea. Almost nothing I've ever worked on has been anticipated prior to its release, so I don't know if I have a good answer for that. What I think would be a really useful question for people to ask developers, though, is "Why does this…

Realms of Ukodor AMA - Live Twitch stream of my custom D&D campaign. @ukodor

Christopher Soloma de Cadavid: I was a YouTube streamer before so my Twitch experience is limited. That being said my main focus was building structures and that was very satisfying. This stream is much different but ideally with the same return. 
Jun 16, 2018

AMA! Chris Ryahn: Editor and Publisher of Tyrant comics. talking about making comics, publishing, the upcoming GUNFREE Kickstarter and The Savage Swordsmen RPG game.

Chris Dehut: The GUNFREE horror comic, is a homage to classical Horror films. Such as the Night of the Living Dead. Only, The horror is not from flesh eating Zombies. But white men with guns.  True terror!

AMA 3D Characters for Games.

Rafael Rodriguez Bellot: It really depends on the complexity of the character and how much it would take me to do so i cannot tell you exactly how much its really up to how long and how complicated.
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