#AMA - All about racing type games

David Podobnik
May 12, 2018

Racing games are one of the most popular and all of us have played at least one of them if not more. They can be played on a variety of platforms and in a large variety of ways depending on your liking. This AMA will be focused on answering questions about racing games and opening new debates about them.  I hope we can open up as many as possible and answer all of your questions.



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What do you see yourself doing in the future in terms of professional gaming?
May 19, 1:39AM EDT0
How do you spend time on outdoors away from games ever?
May 18, 4:42AM EDT0
What does your family think of your gaming passion and how they support it?
May 18, 4:33AM EDT0
Besides racing are there any other types of games you like to play that doesn't bore people?
May 18, 4:32AM EDT0
Is there any game that you want developers to bring back? If so, what is it?
May 15, 6:52AM EDT0

Yes it is. The NFS Hot Pursuit 2 (2002).

May 16, 7:16AM EDT0
Do you ever feel like transitioning into the real life motorsports?
May 15, 5:41AM EDT0


May 16, 7:18AM EDT0
Where do you believe is the line between a fan game being okay to release and a fan game infringing upon an IP?
May 13, 10:16PM EDT0
Do developers intentionally download cheat programs to figure out how those programs work and how they bypass the game's current anti-cheat systems?
May 13, 9:27PM EDT0

It is possible but I dont belive it.

May 16, 7:22AM EDT0
How is being a certification tester different from being a tester at a game company?
May 13, 7:35PM EDT0
Do individuals involved in making a game receive free copies at the end?
May 13, 3:11PM EDT0

I don't know... Maybe.

May 16, 7:45AM EDT0
How do bugs corrupt your save files? What is different about a "corrupted" save file compared to a normal one that makes the game unable to use it?
May 13, 12:44PM EDT0

I don't see the relivance for this topic.

May 16, 7:44AM EDT0
How would you describe the racing game development throughout the years? What were they at the very beginning, and what are they now?
May 12, 7:23AM EDT0

I belive that games in the old days were in someway better than today and vice versa.

May 16, 7:43AM EDT0
Do you like cars and driving in general, or does your affection for racing games come from something else?
May 12, 7:05AM EDT0

Yes i realy like driving.

May 16, 7:36AM EDT0
At what age did you first play a racing type game?
May 12, 6:24AM EDT0

I think that I was 12 years old.

May 16, 7:35AM EDT0
What upcoming games should audience be looking forward to in your opinion?
May 11, 7:27PM EDT0

The new NFS.

May 16, 7:40AM EDT0
Do you think mainstream games are mainstream for a reason, or does a good quality lie outside the mainstream group of racing games?
May 11, 1:47PM EDT0
What are your personal favourites among racing games?
May 11, 10:31AM EDT0

Need for Speed - all series.

May 16, 7:34AM EDT0
What company invests the most money into creating this kind of games?
May 11, 6:02AM EDT0

Electronic Arts

May 16, 7:33AM EDT0
Objectively speaking, what games do you consider to be the best racing games ever made?
May 11, 5:10AM EDT0

Need for Speed Shift 2.

May 16, 7:32AM EDT0
What video game tends to have the best car designs, and how important this really is for a racing video game?
May 10, 11:23PM EDT0

NFS Shift 2, and it's very important for me.

May 16, 7:39AM EDT0