Dota 2 AMA The dos and don'ts of any successful roamer / Carry

Willem Janse van Vuuren
May 12, 2018

As an avid gamer and player of Dota 2, it is my privilege to share my knowledge of the game and how to succeed.

During the course of my Ama, you will have the opportunity to ask me what to buy, what to build, even what to do whilst playing online and in the international circuit. Being a roaming support/carry, aka "POS 4 or 3" I have amassed a lot of knowledge on all types of heroes. And it isn't as easy as it seems.



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What other games have caught your attention that could potentially cross over into competitive eSports?
May 19, 4:49PM EDT0
What are the practice routines like for an eSports athlete? How do you decide strategies and plans? Is it pre-planned?
May 19, 10:56AM EDT0
Why do you participate in esports tournaments, and how do they fit into your life?
May 19, 5:23AM EDT0
What are your views on eSports in the Olympics? Do you think it will or should happen?
May 19, 2:49AM EDT0
How often do you travel for the gaming tournaments? What's it like?
May 15, 12:23PM EDT0
Do you think there is a healthy appetite for people wanting to learn to play Dota?
May 15, 5:15AM EDT0
Do you think that eSports can be considered a professional sport, why or why not?
May 13, 2:29AM EDT0

Hi there

Yes i do. It requires alot of hand eye coordination, practice and hard work. Also talent especially with strategy and moba's like dota

May 17, 2:28AM EDT1
What do you think will happen in the future of eSports?
May 13, 12:35AM EDT0
What are some of the reasons that one should seriously consider investing in eSports?
May 12, 9:30PM EDT0

Hi there

Mostly that it is growing and becoming a huge enterprise. There is big money prizes to be won and it can be very rewarding for those that love to gane

May 17, 2:27AM EDT1
Do you consider eSports players to be athletes and what are the reasons for your answer?
May 12, 10:16AM EDT0
Which mana points regenerate the fastest in the game?
May 11, 5:05PM EDT0

Hi there

Depending on the hero, as intelligence heroes regen mana the quickest

May 17, 3:52AM EDT0

Hi all.

Thanks so much for all your questions thus far, appreciate it and am loving this feeling of sharing my knowledge.

I would just like to mention one of my team mates, K.F.C for always being able and willing to play online with me. Great core and carry.

May 11, 3:31AM EDT1
What are some common Dota 2 phrases? Where can one learn them all?
May 11, 2:40AM EDT0

Hi there.

Dota 2 phrases can be learnt by playing your favourite heroes

May 17, 2:26AM EDT0
Is Dota 2 completely free to play or do you have to use money?
May 10, 11:51PM EDT0

Hi there

Dota 2 is completely free, but hero skins can be bought with hard cash

May 11, 3:10AM EDT0
What is the level of experience for the heroes you play and how long did it take to reach it?
May 10, 10:22AM EDT0

Hi there. 

Im going to explain something real quick so its easier to understand.

Heroes get classed in one of three classes. 

* Are heroes that dont need alot of practice to master

** Are heroes that are slightly difficult to master and need good motor skills.

*** Are heroes that require masses of time and effort to master, with variable skills and depending on build can become either pos 4 roamers , carries or core heroes. 

Not to be vain, but i rarely play any hero below ***. My favorite heroes include the Invoker (probably most difficult hero in dota 2), Pudge and when needed the ** Bloodseeker.

It took alot of practice/swearing and lost matches to become proficient in these heroes. 

May 11, 2:56AM EDT0
How many hours per day do you play Dota 2? Is it just a hobby or you are planning to turn it into a career?
May 10, 6:03AM EDT0

Hey there.

I currently play between 5-7 hours a day, get hom at 6 and play till 12 or 1 am. 

It started out as a hobby, but now plan to make it into a carreer as i am getting much better in my role and have made somewhat of a name for myself. ( When playing locally and people see my name, they immediately ban the heroes i am known for )

May 10, 6:33AM EDT0
Is there a place where one can find scrims or clan wars or play in amateur leagues?
May 9, 11:17PM EDT0


Yes when you have made friends on dota, you can have friendly scrims and there are some amateur leagues

May 10, 7:56AM EDT0
How long have you been playing Dota 2? Did you also play the previous version?
May 9, 9:04PM EDT0

Hey there.

I have been playing dota 2 for more than 3 years, on my main account 2years.

And yes, i played dota reborn and also the original dota map made by IceFrog on warcraft 3 several years ago

May 10, 3:15AM EDT0
How important it is to play supporting heroes at Dota 2?
May 8, 11:39AM EDT0


It is quite important to have a support hero in your team. As it is known, every player in your five man squad has a specific role. From carry to support. Without a support it will be very difficult to win a match

May 10, 7:51AM EDT0
Who is your favourite roaming hero and why?
May 7, 9:14PM EDT0

Hi there.

My all time favourite roaming hero would have to be pudge. He locks down on one hero and takes them down quickly. Also becomes a late game carry with enough farm. 

May 8, 12:52AM EDT0
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