Feuds, a deck building game I've been building for over 2 years. Anything you want to know either about the game or about building games in general, really AMA.

Jayden Sweeting
Jan 8, 2018


Medieval castles waring over land and power, use your people well to come out victorious.

Feuds is a deck-building game I'm running on Kickstarter at this time, its been in development for over 2 years in a history of 10+ years of game making. I would love to have you support my game so I can send you a copy but I also love talking about games and the process of making them.

My name is Jayden Sweeting and please feel free to AMA.

Jayden Sweeting says:

This AMA will end Jan 30, 2018, 6AM EST

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What feedback have you received from people who tried and tested the game?

Jan 29, 6:38PM EST0

How do you make sure everyone can understand and appreciate Feuds? Did you have a test drive or prototypes given to testers?

Jan 29, 6:26PM EST0

What is your favourite game?

Jan 8, 12:57PM EST0

There are a lot of games i like. Feuds has become my favorite deck game though i do like the clasics like 500 or spades. If you go digital my favorites are always changing.

Jan 9, 1:46AM EST0

What one game or one thing in gaming, like a feature or an idea you had, you're most proud of?

Jan 8, 4:52AM EST0

Feuds the game i'm trying to kickstart at the moment i'm very proud of mainly because it's a game that people have said they like and want to play. There are lots of smaller things i'm very proud of but Feuds is a cumulation of 10 years of making games.

Jan 9, 1:44AM EST0

I'll be checking the feed everyday after work and i'll be trying to answer as many questions as possible.

Jan 8, 3:42AM EST0

So glad to see so many of you asking good questions

Jan 8, 1:34AM EST0

Yes, and thanks for AMA!

Jan 8, 3:37AM EST0

Do you think that gaming is a real sport?

Jan 7, 9:40PM EST0

I enjoy watching games being played as a spectator sport and i guess that means i consider it a sport. still i dont consider myself playing a sport when i game. maybe that is just a culture thing.

Jan 8, 1:24AM EST0
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Do you work on your own?

Jan 7, 1:30PM EST0

I would love to work with others but try as i might, i can never find anyone that wants to help me.

Jan 8, 1:21AM EST0

I often go out of my way to find game testers but as of yet no one is a commited helper.

Jan 8, 1:48AM EST0

Do you include some historical facts in your games?

Jan 7, 1:18PM EST0

Occasionally if i think it adds to the realism or gameplay. If it doesn't effect the game in a good way i dont include it.

Jan 8, 1:32AM EST0

For me there's something about real facts in movies or games. I feel I can learn something and it makes a difference.

Jan 8, 5:07AM EST0

Do games lower children’s physical activity?

Jan 7, 11:49AM EST0

If computer or board gaming is all you ever do thats certainly the case, still in my youth I played many a created outside game. Also today most of the games i create are thrown together as active games to play with the youth group i run.

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Jan 8, 1:03AM EST0

Can you describe the process of making a game?

Jan 7, 11:20AM EST0

Start with an idea...

The idea takes form and you start filling the gaps, from there the concept needs to be tested and evolved. The ideas that dont work are thrown out for another time and then replaced. 

Ultimately you have a concept that works meaning the hard part of elaborating and expanding the concept begins.

Balance is usually the killer, as ideas that are great individually don't always work well together.

Finally is the finishing, finetuning if you wish. this is the longest phase as you need others to test and give feedback, sometimes this means you have to alter entire sections of your game so others can enjoy it.

Then you need to get others interested to publish/sell your game.

Jan 8, 1:30AM EST0

How much money is spent on creating a game?

Jan 7, 9:57AM EST0

That depends on the scale of the game, my current card game Feuds has taken well over 100 hours and still needs around $1400 artwork and then $3500 for printing and putting together 100 games.

That being said that price goes down per game the more you can produce. For myself not including paid hours i can produce a game and mail it for about $50 within Australia. A game company can probably do it for under $30 simply because they order and print games 1000s at a time and get bulk reductions.

Still the 'creating' part of the game isnt unusual to take 100s of hours for even a small game and well into the 1000s if you have a company working on it.

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Jan 8, 1:14AM EST0
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How did you come up with the idea to start making games?

Jan 7, 9:02AM EST0

I have an idea and i start putting it together. The first time was something small and it worked up from there

Jan 8, 1:12AM EST1

Often something in life will simply spark an idea, i've never found coming up with ideas hard, the refining those ideas to be playable is the hard part. To be honest i dont remember how i started exactly, i was less than 15 years old and playing with friends. My inspiration in some ways came from a friends older brother, seeing him make games was probably what showed me that it was a possibility.

Jan 8, 1:38AM EST0

Do you think that we enter another world while playing games?

Jan 7, 8:11AM EST0

I think that a great game creates another world for us to explore.

Jan 8, 1:10AM EST0

Should we have some special tools for playing your games? What computer specifications?

Jan 7, 8:04AM EST0

Most of my games that are good enough to be publisised are card games not Pc games.

Jan 8, 1:09AM EST0

Sorry if that wasn't clear, that said ive made many a game mod on War3, Starcraft and even Flash CS4. 

Jan 8, 1:39AM EST0

Could gaming be something that you make a living from?

Jan 7, 7:53AM EST0

It is but to do so you need to commit a ridiculous amount of time to make any leeway. Most professional gamers play around 8+ hours again and again many of those dont get far.

Jan 8, 1:07AM EST0
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How many hours do you spend playing games?

Jan 7, 6:33AM EST0

I probally spend 2-4 hours a day between creating and playing both board, card and digital games.

Jan 8, 1:05AM EST0

How do you create the characters and space for your games?

Jan 7, 6:20AM EST0

That often depends where the ispiration for a game starts.

Sometimes i have a mekanic that then has a game and story greated around it, and other times i have a story that becomes a game. For example i was thinking of fantasy worlds and all the villages that are attacked by orcs, particularily all the attacks we never hear about. This then led me to create "the siege of montvale" a game of heroes traveling to a border town beseiged by invading orcs and trying to hold it till reinforcments arive.

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Jan 8, 1:19AM EST0

I’m really fascinated with some games like “Assassin’s Creed” or similar. How much time does it take to make a game like this?

Jan 7, 3:46AM EST0

More than i care to think about. I cant give you much detail because digital gamemaking at least in the base coding isnt something i do much.

My best estimation would be in the 1000s to 10000s of hour spread out among many programers and artists. and game that requires you to create materials from scratch require much longer.

Last edited @ Jan 8, 1:57AM EST.
Jan 8, 1:00AM EST0

What is so fascinating about games, in your opinion? Why younger generations adore them?

Jan 7, 3:21AM EST0

There are so many reasons i dont know where to start. let me get back to on that.

Jan 8, 12:58AM EST0

A good game creates another world for us to explore. I think that games apeal to many youth so much is the instant gratification, you launch the game or set it up and you have your entertainment or competition. You dont have to go anywhere, you dont have to spend years getting skills or do all the hard work to get to the fun bit...there are aspects of those things in games to be sure but in a generation that hates waiting and working for the good things games are the easy alternative.

That being said i think games are a great thing that many people over use and abuse.

Jan 8, 1:45AM EST0
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