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Dec 1, 2017

I have been creating games for a few years now on the side, while working many different jobs... I don't truly enjoy working 9 to 5 on these mindless tasks so I  have decided to follow my dream to become a self employed video game developer and publisher!

I am currently working on DETONATE which is a Highly Explosive, Outer Space, Time Trial! the Beta is Free to download and play now at my website : http://www.gameworld3d.co.uk/

I am joining kickstarter soon and mainly share my game updates on Twitter : https://twitter.com/GameWorld3D


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What are your biggest concerns about DETONATE project and life in general? Financial? Time contraints? Something else?

Dec 8, 10:57AM EST1

Which age group do you target?

Dec 2, 9:30PM EST0

around the ages of 13 - 25 because the game is difficult to complete.

Dec 3, 11:48AM EST0

Whats your favourite game?

Dec 1, 12:30PM EST0

Probably Guild Wars 2 :)

Last edited @ Dec 2, 5:05PM EST.
Dec 1, 12:33PM EST0

How do you plan to market these games?

Dec 1, 10:32AM EST1

Hello, at the moment I just put them on social media platforms my main 2 are twitter & instagram but I think I will do an ad campaign when the full game is released! 

Last edited @ Dec 1, 11:39AM EST.
Dec 1, 11:06AM EST0

How many levels are there to win the championship level?

Dec 1, 8:19AM EST0

The beta demo only includes 1 level but its pretty hard to complete I am creating different game modes for the player so they dont get bored of the same thing they will all release in the full game! 

Last edited @ Dec 1, 11:39AM EST.
Dec 1, 11:08AM EST0

How do you plan to monetize your project?

Dec 1, 6:30AM EST0

I am going to sell the full game on steam, indie game sites and my own website and I am also hoping to make some money off amazon affiliate or adwords from visitors on my website!

Last edited @ Dec 1, 11:12AM EST.
Dec 1, 11:10AM EST0

What OS can support the game?

Dec 1, 2:51AM EST0

At the moment it only supports PC 64bit & 32bit but I hope to launch on xbox and play station in the future.

Dec 1, 11:11AM EST0

What took you so long to decide on changing career path?

Dec 1, 2:17AM EST0

I always enjoyed playing games when I was younger, but when I learn't how to create them myself I new I had to try my best to become a successful indie developer.

Dec 1, 11:17AM EST0

What was the compelling factor which made you finally conclude on going into business?

Dec 1, 12:48AM EST0

When I had to stay home in bed for a few months from a bad injury I noticed my life wasn't going to plan so I started creating games everyday and soon noticed I enjoyed it a lot more than working 9 to 5!

Dec 1, 11:20AM EST0

What is the concept or the storyline that would guide the players?

Dec 1, 12:37AM EST0

That's a good question I have mostly worked on the game play aspect so I am not sure of the answer you basically need to blow up the Enemy/Alien bases I will work on the story line for the full release!

Dec 1, 11:29AM EST0

How many games are you planning to develop for 2018?

Nov 30, 11:11PM EST0

I hope to release Detonate as a full game on steam, indie game sites and my websites before the end of 2018 and release a demo of my second game which I already have some ideas for!

Dec 1, 11:30AM EST0

How long have you been developing games?

Nov 30, 8:46PM EST0

I have been developing games on the side now for about 2 years! many projects have been scrapped but they were great learning experiences.

Dec 1, 11:32AM EST0

What gave you the confidence to launch the beta version at this time?

Nov 30, 8:45PM EST0

I am not that confident but I just want to get it out there for people to play so I can get some helpful feedback an figure out any bugs I missed!

Last edited @ Dec 1, 11:33AM EST.
Dec 1, 11:32AM EST0

How do we upgrade the character? Can we do that by gaining power-ups only?

Nov 30, 7:36PM EST0

There will be character skins & models to choose from in the full game and you will unlock them using the stars you collected. I may also add power ups to the main menu but at the moment you pick them up while you play!

Last edited @ Dec 1, 11:35AM EST.
Dec 1, 11:33AM EST0

How long does it take for you to develop one game?

Nov 30, 5:10PM EST0

Too long! it depends on the scope of game you are creating but since I have been creating it on the side it has took me almost a year to get to this point.[keep in mind I learn't unreal engine 4 from youtube tutorials only]

Last edited @ Dec 1, 11:37AM EST.
Dec 1, 11:36AM EST0

Do you have intentions to collaborate with other developers for another project?

Nov 30, 3:38PM EST0

I have intentions to help publish other developers 3d games on my site and if they have the same ideas as me I definitley see that as a future option!

Dec 1, 11:38AM EST0

Can we also download the beta version from Google play?

Nov 30, 10:12AM EST0

No sorry, this game is not made for the phone I do want to get it on mobile but I think it would be tricky for me to package across platforms [maybe in the future]

Dec 1, 11:40AM EST0

Have you studied any course on game development.

Nov 30, 8:12AM EST0

Yes I went to college in the UK for 2 years and studied media & games development which taught me a lot about the industry and mainly helped me learn 3ds max & photoshop but I learn't the unreal engine 4 from tutorials only at home.

Dec 1, 11:41AM EST0

If I would like to venture the same, what does it take for me to follow your footsteps?

Nov 29, 12:09AM EST0

1. Create social media accounts immediately to grow your following and get your content out to more people.

2. Scrap all your first 3 games [they will suck] but you will learn a lot.

3. Don't try and create something to huge [always takes longer than expected]

4. You must be passionate or you will quit!

5. Google it because this is just my opinion!

Last edited @ Dec 1, 11:57AM EST.
Dec 1, 11:52AM EST0
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