Hello everyone, I’m a recent college graduate from Full Sail University for Game Design and Development. I love designing and programming video games, I have also studied all types of the paranormal for more than 18 years. Ask Me Anything!

Michael Lamb
Sep 22, 2017

Along with graduating Full Sail and the Paranormal, I have also had my fair share of projects. I have ran a video game review and news website, held a video game podcast that lasted for 4 years, currently starting up an Online Indie Game Studio and starting another podcast for the paranormal.


Here you can ask me about the transition between college and the video game industry, coding, design ideas and Full Sail. I can also help if your having problems with Unity, GIMP, Audacity or even having a problem coming up with a website.


You may check out of past projects, blogs and more at www.gamedesignerlamb.com.


You can reach out to Hot Spot Gamer Studios on Facebook and Twitter






or even head over to the current development page,





Michael Lamb says:

This AMA will end Sep 22, 2017 9:30PM EDT

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I enjoyed this little event, sorry for not answering all of you in a single session though. I was lucky enough to get more time in today to answer the rest.

Sep 23, 1:14PM EDT0

How many games do you think you will be able to create in your lifetime? Do you believe that the only way you can make a living is to make games? Has your studies given you the ability to program other things besides games?

Sep 22, 12:00PM EDT0

Well, it all depends on how in-depth the games are; I would say about 10 or so. I don’t think that making video games would be the only way for my income. I have been a truck driver for 12 years, which is my main source of income. I went to college for video game design because I really don’t enjoy driving trucks. I wish to have a career, not a job.

Before attending college, I barely knew anything about programming. It opened a whole new world for me. I have experimented with applications for personal use, that’s about it.

Sep 23, 9:38AM EDT0

As for personal use application, I have made programs to track my expenses to income so that I can see what's left over.

Sep 23, 10:14AM EDT0

Do you think people can be possessed?

Sep 22, 9:11AM EDT0

I definitely do, but not all people can be possessed. Most of the people that have been possessed have depression issues, anxiety or some other type of personal issues. Makes it easy for the entity to take control.

Sep 23, 9:32AM EDT0

Do you work on your own or in a team when you go on a 'ghost hunt'?

Sep 22, 8:28AM EDT0

I use to work with a group of people, but too many hands in the cookie jar, if you know what I mean. Then I downsized to just my wife and I.

Sep 23, 9:29AM EDT0

How would I know if there is something abnormal in my house?

Sep 22, 12:42AM EDT0

Well you can’t go by sounds, unless it’s actual talking. Can’t go by seeing strange lights, unless you live in the middle of nowhere. Taking pictures and seeing “Orbs” is not enough evidence. If you see objects moving and see figures, chances are, you may have something.

Sep 23, 9:04AM EDT0

Hi Michael, how long were your podcasts in general and how many listeners did you have?

Sep 21, 10:09PM EDT0

Our Podcast was roughly and hour and as for listeners, we streamed live, so the number I’m uncertain about; I think around 300 a show.

Sep 23, 9:00AM EDT0

Do you believe that good and bad ghosts or entities exist?

Sep 21, 8:26PM EDT0

I do and I have witnessed my fair share of both.

Sep 23, 8:59AM EDT0

Can you explain the pros and cons of virtual functions, templates, multi-platform programming and a graphics pipeline?

Sep 21, 2:49PM EDT0

Honestly, I have never used virtual functions. I find the coding library in MonoDevelop and Visual studio very useful, it saves me time in the long run and makes coding go by much faster. Though faster, it can also lead to wrong coding.

I was recently developing a video game for my son for his iPad; I made the game compatible for PC, MAC and iOS. The process was quite simple, so depending on which game engine you are using Multi-Platform programming is easily implemented.

If you were to compare the graphics pipeline between Unity and Unreal, Unreal is better graphically. I have noticed when I try to push Unity slightly hard; it started to slow down my game quite a bit. In Unreal I have never ran into that problem.

Sep 23, 8:58AM EDT0

What type of degree would best prepare you for game design?

Sep 21, 2:25PM EDT0

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Sep 23, 8:42AM EDT0

I have heard it is hard to find a teacher for game design. Is this true?

Sep 21, 2:21PM EDT0

Game Design is truly simple and is taught in colleges across the world. So finding a teacher is not complicated at all.

Sep 23, 8:41AM EDT0

How did you get your interest in paranormal?

Sep 21, 11:48AM EDT0

When my grandmother passed away I started watching life after death and paranormal programs that were out at the time. I asked my mother if she could buy me a voice recorder and disposable camera, but the camera had to have 800-speed film. I used the voice recorder and actually recorded my grandmother’s voice saying, “I love you Mikey.” I thought it was the most amazing thing I have ever heard.

Sep 23, 8:40AM EDT0

Are you on facebook or twitter so I can follow you?

Sep 21, 11:14AM EDT0

I don’t really post on my Facebook; you can checkout the Hot Spot Gamer Studio Facebook and Twitter page. I do however post blog links to my LinkedIn profile from my Game Designer Lamb site.

Sep 23, 8:37AM EDT0

Why did you decide on video games as a platform considering the gaming audience has become diverse in terms of their platform choice? Do video games have a larger install base compared to console games?

Sep 21, 9:58AM EDT0

From what I have noticed most games coming out are FPS, but there are some great third person games coming out at the end of the year into 2018. Yes, it is a bit annoying, but that’s what most of the people want. I feel that the games coming out now a days are not challenging at all. I would like to see a person that was born in the early 2000’s play an NES game and see how far they get. 

I have made some challenging games while in school and most people did not like them. One that comes to mind is “Where Did I Put That”, that game pist off a few people. Even though it’s first person, the game was still challenging. You can download the game HERE.

As for the install base, I’m assuming you’re talking about the size of games now. In fact, the console games can no longer fit on blue rays, hence all the constant updates. Either they need to find a new way for physical copies or just stick with download only; my guess is that the future is going to be downloading only and game stores will disappear like video rental stores did.

Last edited @ Sep 22, 9:33PM EDT.
Sep 22, 9:33PM EDT0

Have you worked for any big names in the past?

Sep 21, 9:01AM EDT0

No, I have not. Like I said in the description above, I just recently graduated from Full Sail University. The only reason that I started my game studio was out of frustration. The stipulations that studios place on individuals are not fare. If someone has talent and no one knows, it’s there loss.

Sep 22, 9:18PM EDT0

What does it take to make a successful game and how long would it take roughly?

Sep 21, 8:18AM EDT0

Well let’s take No Man’s Sky, though the launch was upsetting to most, but the game was in fact beautiful. Took Hello Games years to produce, but released prematurely, the game has gone under some great changes. Though the multiplayer isn’t there, the game is in fact shaping up.

It all depends on how long the designer wishes the game to be. Again, No Man’s Sky has the potential to last forever. If the designer just wants the game to past the time while the player is board, it wouldn’t take that long to make. If the designer wants the player to have a great experience, then I would say about 2 to 3 years.

Last edited @ Sep 22, 9:14PM EDT.
Sep 22, 9:14PM EDT0

Have you ever experienced something where you thought 'this is getting too deep I need to get out of this?'

Sep 21, 7:17AM EDT0

As of now no, I have not. My wife on the other hand has. When I ran my experimental equipment in the house where she grew up, it showed some disturbing things that brought back bad memories.

Sep 22, 9:00PM EDT0
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How do you keep abreast of game design technology and techniques?

Sep 21, 7:01AM EDT0

The technology is still the same for me. VR is still not quite there for me to start making games for it. As for techniques, I really just use my own. If you devise your own technique, you will always understand the workflow. Sometimes it is a good idea to research new ones, but in order for it to work to your liking, you will have to put your own twist on it.

Sep 22, 8:45PM EDT0
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Can you explain inheritance, virtual functions, polymorphism, recursion, casting, and linked lists in C or C++ ?

Sep 21, 4:54AM EDT0

Wow, that’s a mouth full. Well for recursion, I find it best to use arrays or in Unity, run a line of code inside the Update function, which runs every frame. For polymorphism, I think the best way would be to build a state machine, make a script to hold the data and code each state that is desired. Unfortunately, I only know HTML and C# coding. I have not had the time to learn any other language. For casting, do you mean Raycasting?

Sep 22, 8:41PM EDT0
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How did you decide the topics for a podcast?

Sep 21, 4:43AM EDT0

Everything was pretty random, but we did have some order to our chaos. A few days before the podcast would air, the six, yes six, hosts will inform me on their topics. Nobody would know what another was going to say, so our reactions were genuine.

Sep 22, 8:31PM EDT0
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What was the most scary thing you ever encountered with the paranormal?

Sep 21, 3:33AM EDT0

Always seeing physical apparitions makes my hair stand on end, because I’m never expecting to see anything. The strangest thing that I have seen was in Meriden Connecticut was the Rake. If you’re not familiar with this creature head over to this link THE RAKE.

Sep 22, 8:22PM EDT0
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