Hi, i'm an indie game developer (AMA)

Freddie Wintory
Dec 3, 2017

Hi, i'm an indie game developer, i did finally finish my first game and i could published in google play, but i'm very interested in a awesome game publisher or in people who want try my videogame, it's really really funny, you can play my game for free, if you want check it, you can check my videogame in this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.NuezWare.FrosyAdventure

https://www.facebook.com/alfredo.ramirez.940 personal facebook

also y start a kickstarter proyect 





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How did you came up with the idea?

Dec 8, 10:38PM EST0

What are the current latest software technologies used when implementing games? 


Dec 6, 2:20PM EST0

How long did it take to develop your first game?

Dec 4, 8:05AM EST0

Do you think this is what you want to do or it is more of a hobby?

Dec 3, 7:28PM EST0

How and when did you learn how to program games?

Dec 3, 6:52PM EST0

Can games be addictive and therefore detrimental to kids development?

Dec 3, 6:52PM EST0

Why did you pick Kickstarter over other platforms?

Dec 3, 6:42PM EST0

Is this your first game? Will you develop more, like do you have some ideas already?

Dec 3, 6:25PM EST0

How do you plan to market the game?

Dec 3, 5:56PM EST0

What is your favourite game from the ones you have played (not your own)?

Dec 3, 5:54PM EST0

What was the first video game you ever played? Did you think you will develop one then or it came later?

Dec 3, 5:31PM EST0

What got u interested in games?

Dec 3, 4:14PM EST0

Sis you develop the game yourself or have a team?

Dec 3, 3:58PM EST0

Do you do all the designs for the game? Do you sketch them first on paper?

Dec 3, 3:44PM EST0

How would you make money from the game if it is free?

Dec 3, 3:38PM EST0

What is your opinion about violence in games?

Dec 3, 3:24PM EST0

Is that your main occupation? Can you make money from games nowadays as an indie developer?

Dec 3, 3:21PM EST0

What did you study when you were little? What did you dream of being?

Dec 3, 3:21PM EST0

Can you share some good resources for learning how to code games?

Dec 3, 2:08PM EST0

Hey Freddie, check this AMA I think it is right on time for your development.

Do you feel you have a strong community as indie developer? I know authors for example do, is it a bit like that?

Dec 3, 10:55AM EST0

How will you know if you are dealing with a fraud programmer?

Dec 3, 10:14AM EST0

How can you assure your client that you are worth what they paid for?

Dec 3, 10:12AM EST0

Will this be available in iOS?

Dec 2, 11:40PM EST0
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