Hi there! My name is Caio Fonseca, I am a Computer Scientist from Brazil and I am also a dreamer. We quit our jobs to start our own Indie studio called Cactus Game Studios and we are currently making the game Blessing: Alien Escape. AMA #AskMeAnything

Caio Souza Fonseca
Aug 29, 2017

Hi, I am a Computer Scientist from Brazil and I am also the CEO and CO-Founder of Cactus Game Studios. We are currently working on this game:BlessingAlienEscape

I was asked to make an AMA to share with you the inspiration behind our game, but first, I would like to share some background.

I always loved games and computers. At a certain point in my life I decided to do a B.S. in Computer Science and because of that I managed to live 1 full year studying at Ottawa, Canada with two more friends in an exchange program. One of them, had the same dream of working in a game studios, so, when we came back and graduated, we started to make our own indie game studio and for that we quit our jobs . Today we are four working everyday to make our own games.

The Idea behind Blessing: Alien Escape first came when we were participating of the Summer UE4Jam, a game jam hosted by Epic Games and the theme of the game jam was Blessing in disguise. We had to make a game that somehow used the theme they gave us. After some thinking and researching we decided to use the theme in two ways: literally and with the actual meaning.

What we had in mind for the literal meaning was to create a game in which you play as a character named Blessing that has to disguise himself to survive. Regarding to the actual meaning of the expression we thought of a story that would happen to the character that was going to be a misshappen in the start but at the end it would be a blessing.

The idea for the game came up after we brainstormed. In short, you play as Blessing, an Alien thrown on Earth that has to disguise himself as earthly objects in order to survive.

We hope you like the idea and come along in this journey with us.

You can watch some early alpha gameplay on YouTube here: Gameplay Video - @FellowPlayer

You can download our ealy alpha build for free at Itch.io and at Game Jolt.

If you are interested in learnig more about us you can find us in our WebsiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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Which are your favorite games that are coming out in 2018?

Aug 29, 10:53AM EDT0

Hi Andrew Paul!

Talking about games that might release, or have major updates, in 2018 I am looking at Elite: Dangerous, PlayerUnknown's Battleground, Star Citizen.

If we are talking about full releases, then I am waiting for Jurassic World Evolution, Ashes of Creation, Age of Empires 4, Cyberpunk 2077.

And belive me, much more.

Aug 29, 11:40AM EDT0
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How long did it take you to create your first game?

Aug 29, 10:37AM EDT0

Hi there, Rachael Berger!

Our first game that we finished and delivered was done for a professor, that actually needed  two games. We did both of them in about two months.

Aug 29, 11:34AM EDT0
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Would you ever be interested in teaching teens at an academic level, your skills?

Aug 29, 10:06AM EDT0

Hi Hillerin!

I never really gave it much thought. I watch GDC video almost everyday and that would be something I would like to try, but I think teaching teens on an academic level can be something interesting too!

Aug 29, 11:30AM EDT0
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What advice would you give to someone just entering this field?

Aug 29, 9:56AM EDT0

Hi Chad Townsend!

I would say that you have to follow your dream, give your everything, and with your effort you will see results, and believe me, it is amazing!

This field is hard and full of challenges, if you are making your own indie studio, or even developing alone, you will find yourself in situations that doubt becomes a constant thought, not only in your head but in your friend's and family too.

So, you have to be strong and you have to keep walking in the path you chose, even if the odds are against you!


Aug 29, 11:28AM EDT0
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How did you get into this line of work?

Aug 29, 9:20AM EDT0

Hey there Rebecca Lester!

I got to work with some other things here an there, mostly web development and web design, but I always loved games. I found a friend, he is like a brother to me, that had the same dream of developing his own games and so we teamed up, got two other friends to help and here we are!

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Aug 29, 11:42AM EDT0
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Have you ever pitched your games to one of the big online games companies?

Aug 29, 8:43AM EDT0

Hi Melissa Marquez!

Not yet, maybe someday in the near future.

We have pitched our game on a game developers meeting though and it was awesome!

Aug 29, 9:02AM EDT0
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What are you most proud of?

Aug 29, 7:57AM EDT0

Hey Kenneth15!

I can easily say that what I am most proud of is my team!

We have been together for some time now and challeges rise up evey single day, but we always manage to overcome them. We are learning so much together and when we look to where we were some months ago, we realize how much we have grown. 

Aug 29, 8:57AM EDT0
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What inspired you to get into this industry?

Aug 29, 6:43AM EDT0

Hi Joseph Scott!

Definitely my passion for games. Videogames were always present in my life and I always loved to play them, be it alone or with friends. I also loved computers and how you could create things in it. I decided to do a B.S. in Computer Science when I was 13 and while doing it I realized even more that i loved videogames, so, here I am.

Aug 29, 8:54AM EDT0
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How long did it take to program the game?

Aug 29, 6:33AM EDT0

Hi there Jose33!

Our first playable version of the game was made for the Summer UE4Jame, so we did it in under 120 hours, almost nonstop. After the game jam we continued to develop the game. So counting the game jam we are at exactly two months of development.

Aug 29, 8:51AM EDT0
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What does a gameplay programmer do?

Aug 29, 6:14AM EDT0

Hey UBuckley!

A gameplay programmer is a programmer that has to develop the mechanics of the game, like how the player moves, regenerates life, shoots, receives damage, etc. 

Aug 29, 8:48AM EDT0
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Do you have a blog or website to showcase your work?

Aug 29, 6:01AM EDT0

We do, Angela Griffin!

You can have a look at our work on multiple locations, like:

 FacebookDevblogCartrgeTwitter and Instagram.

Aug 29, 8:45AM EDT0

What inspired the game?

Aug 29, 5:52AM EDT0

Hi Laura Lewis!

Our game idea came when we were developing a game for the Summer UE4Jam. For our game to take part in the Jam it had to somehow use the theme "Blessing in disguise". One of the ideas of a game was that, the main character was named Blessing and it had to disguise himself to survive, he would have a misshappen at the start of the game that the palyer would realize it was a blessing at the end. 

Aug 29, 8:39AM EDT0
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Is there a big gamer culture in Brazil?

Aug 29, 5:41AM EDT0

Hey GValenzuela!

There is a big gamer culture in Brazil, but there aren't many developers that are making games and most of them are developing for mobile.

Aug 29, 8:34AM EDT0
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Who else is on your team?

Aug 29, 5:15AM EDT0

Hey Paige Turner!

We have four members in our team, you can find them all in the our website or at Facebook  Anderson, CaioCamila and Luiz.

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Aug 29, 8:32AM EDT0
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Have you ever worked on any other games?

Aug 29, 5:09AM EDT0

Hi there Johny Obrien!

Yes, we have worked in other games! During my Computer Science graduation I had to make a game for one course, it was my first experience with game development.

After that I developed, at Cactus Game Studios, two games for contracts and there is one that we are holding in, until we finish Blessing: Alien Escape.

Last edited @ Aug 29, 8:26AM EDT.
Aug 29, 8:26AM EDT0
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Did you go to school for this?

Aug 29, 4:40AM EDT0

Hey JohnThompson!

Not exactly, I always loved computers and had a fascination of how things work, and I always loved games too. When I was 13, I decided that I would do a B.S. in Computer Science and while I was doing the course I started to go into the Gaming direction.

Aug 29, 8:23AM EDT0
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How do you find and get rid of bugs?

Aug 29, 4:30AM EDT0

Hey Sarah,

We usually notice bugs when we are developing and testing features, but there are some bugs that we get to know because someone who played our game gave us feedback.

To get rid of bugs we have to test solutions out, sometimes even having to do some rework here and there!

Last edited @ Aug 29, 8:18AM EDT.
Aug 29, 8:18AM EDT0
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It was very brave of you to quit your jobs! Do you make enough income from the games to replace your previous incomes?

Aug 29, 4:17AM EDT0

Hey DBryanT, Thank you!

It actually depends, while we are developing our own game we aren't receiving anything directly from it, unless we create some kind of donation/take part in development system like Patreon or Crowdfunding. There were times we had to stop our game and do some contracts to have some income.

Last edited @ Aug 29, 8:11AM EDT.
Aug 29, 8:11AM EDT0
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What is a Computer scientist exactly?

Aug 29, 4:04AM EDT0

Hi NTorres,

A Computer Scientist is, in short, someone who studied the theory behind computers and algorithms, and has the knowledge of how to create computer systems to solve problems.

Aug 29, 8:07AM EDT0
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What do you enjoy least about doing this?

Aug 29, 3:59AM EDT0

Hi Brian Smith!

I believe that what I enjoy least about creating my own game studio and my own games is what I answered to Faye, the uncertainty.

I believe in my team and in what we are doing, but there is always that fear that comes at the end of the day.

Another thing we don't enjoy is the irregular income.

Aug 29, 9:00AM EDT0
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