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Ron Bonomo
Oct 29, 2017

Here we will cover the topics of Sefron Games Kanabus Series and game developing. The best way to be successful is to have as much knowledge on your topic before you tackle it. So join us and ask all the questions you have on game development. The simplest mistakes can cost you everything. And we can cover our KANABUS series as well. Come see us on Facebook, facebook.com/sefrongames , and help us out on KickStarter, www.kickstarter.com/projects/930280610/kanabus-kani-isles


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Are your game structures intended for kids, or do you have other games like team building?

Oct 30, 6:51AM EDT0

Beautiful question. No, not all our games are intended for children. If you see the Kanabus title, it is not intended for kids. All games under the Kanabus title invole cannibis in some way. If you do not see the Kanabus title, look at our content rating. We are very big on being absolutly clear on who the target auduence is. If you see the rating for 3 and up, then it is meant for kids and everyone. If we have any kind of violence or anything that could be questionable for allowing a child play, it will not hold the 3 and up, for everyone, content rating. 

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Oct 30, 11:43AM EDT0
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What are your thoughts on the Unity Development Engine?

Oct 28, 6:27PM EDT0

I love Unity. It is the best out there, in my opinion, for developing non MMO games. Unless you are willing to jump into server/client programming. If you are then I say go Unity, you will not regret it. You have full control of the engine and can add anything you want to it. Now if you want to build a MMO but don't want to get into the server/client programming and producing servers to run it, I would say use Hero Engine. This is the best on the market for building MMOs without the fuss of server/client programming and producing, maintaining servers. They handle all of that for you

Oct 29, 3:10PM EDT0

How does the hardware or platform you’re designing for change your design?

Oct 28, 3:05PM EDT0

That is a good question. You are only limited to what your harware, software, and platform will allow you to do. If you have weak hardware, you can't run certain things, or it will be extremely slow. If you use limited shoftware, you are limited to what you are able to make happen. So when you build for any platform, you have to keep in mind what your users may have. What is your target audience? Wealthy, or everyone. Can they afford better equipment, or do you want that to matter. So you design your game to that aspect. Then if you are building for different platforms, such as playstation, xbox, app, you have to think of the controls. What is used to make things happen, or another words, input methods. For computer you have a key board of input devices, on a console you have the buttons on the controller, for an app, you have to make the button to do the functions you wish it to do. So when building, one of the first things you need to decide is, what platform you want to build for. If all, then it is time to get creative and figure out a way to design the game to effortlessly build as cross platform.

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Oct 29, 3:05PM EDT0

How does your office or workplace change your work?

Oct 28, 2:58PM EDT0

Wow, excellent question, for your work environment is extremely important. You need your work environment to be organized, so you aren't spending a bunch of time trying to find things. You need it to be an environment that you can think in, otherwise you will be distracted and lose your thought patteren. But it need to be fun, stress free at the same time. A good balanced environment is very important for success.

Oct 29, 2:52PM EDT0

What are the best 30 seconds of game design ever?

Oct 28, 2:50PM EDT0

Sorry, I really don't understand what you are asking.

Oct 29, 2:48PM EDT0

What educational path should my child take to become a game developer?

Oct 28, 5:52AM EDT0

It is good to see parents who support thier kids in following thier dreams. The most important thing to do is get them to know how complicated it is to make a game. This will prepare them for the fact that a lot of work goes into producing a game. It takes a lot of time to make a game, it wont happen as quick as they may believe. But at the same time you don't want to discourage them. Instead help them develope the patients it takes. A very good way to get them started, without discourageing them is the toys available that allows children to program the robot to do certain things. This introduces them to programming, without discouraging or overwhelming them. Then the next step is Unity. Unity is an amazing community of developers, tools, and tutorials to get them started. Let them play with that. Tell them to take any and all computer classes available, in high school, for computers. Once they graduate high school, there are a ton of colleges to choose from. MIT is great, but not for Game Development. 

You are welcome to contact me at any time on facebook.com/ronbonomo or askiwillansr@gmail.com , and I would be more than happy to help children go down the game development path. I will be happy to help them problem solve any issue they run into, and help them grow.

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Oct 29, 2:46PM EDT0

How can educators and universities get involved in game development?

Oct 26, 10:41AM EDT0

That is a really good question. Some game developers create games that can be used for education purposes, like my company, Sefron Games just released a game yesterday that is great fun for families and friends, but will serve as a great tool for Acting/film studies as a way to develope improv skills. That game is called Funny Things. From what I understand, a lot of schools are incorporating computer classes into there programs, but I really, firmly believe that if schools used tools like, the robot that kids can write programs for to make it do things, would be an amazing way to add programming to the study plan. Introducing these skills as early as possible is a very important step our country should take in our education system. As the students progress, have them write different software programs, build on there programming skills. Once they are familuar with the programming side, then the programs can move to more complicated projects like making thier first game.

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Oct 29, 2:26PM EDT0

And one may ask me, why do I think teaching game development at early stages of thier education is important. The reason I feel is it would be an important course to add at early grade school levels is;

1: It is a fun way to get the youth familiar with programming. They can see something they created with code, come to life, in a fun way.

2: It helps them develope the "creative" part of thier brains. By thinking of a game and all the functions in it, makes them get creative, not only with what they are designing, but also in how to trouble shoot to make an idea work.

A motto we like to use at Sefron Games and Sefron Solutions is;

From imagination, Comes technology 

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Oct 29, 8:57PM EDT0

What is a game loop?

Oct 25, 8:45PM EDT0

Basicly a game loop is the Central or main code of your game, which initialize, update, render or draw. Your game loop usually is slit into these categories.

Oct 29, 2:16PM EDT0

Is this your first Kickstarter campaign?

Oct 24, 12:50PM EDT0

Yes, it is my first. I was told by a few business major friends to give it a try. I really hope it works out so I will have money to upgrade equipment, with bigger hopes to raise much more than I stated, so I can hire more programmers and artists

Oct 24, 1:20PM EDT0

How do you describe game design to people who don’t know what it is — say, when explaining your job at parties?

Oct 24, 10:52AM EDT0

Great question. Most people who ask that question, will get lost in your answer if you answer with a complex response. So I keep it simple and simply say, I make video games. Then wait for more questions to see how indepth of an answer they are looking for, lol

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Oct 24, 12:08PM EDT0

What are the models used to make money in gaming business?

Oct 24, 7:02AM EDT0

What are the models used to make money in gaming business?

This is a very good Question. But I need you to break it down to more specifics. It all depends on the target launch for your game. But for any release, promote. It is really important to promote, advertise, as much as you can. Social media has made that more effecient in this era of time. So hit social media as much as you can for free advertisment, but you will need to utilize pay advertisements as well. Just don't be a sucker and research everyone before you lay down your hard earned money. If I have not answered your question, please rebutle with more information on your question so I can address it to the fullest of my ability.

Oct 24, 12:06PM EDT0

What are the Android tools used for developing games?

Oct 24, 6:43AM EDT0

What are the Android tools used for developing games?

There are many tools for building an android build. Android even has thier own engine to make apps and games strictly for android. But the way I do it is more complex. I first download the Android SDK and the Java SDK. You need them both to make an Android Build. Then I open my command prompt and run the Android SDK. Once running I open my game engine and plug in the dir link to the Android SDK. My engine then brings in the Android SDK and links it with the Java SDK. But there are soooo many tools and abilities for Android Development, far to many for me to list out.

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Oct 24, 12:04PM EDT0

What are the problems you might face while developing game with Java?

Oct 24, 3:16AM EDT0

What are the problems you might face while developing game with Java?

That is a good Question. The most I use with Java is incorporating the Java SDK. Other than that, I stay away from Java. In my opinion, Java language is a limited language. It is like making a game with Dark Basic language. Even though the structure of Dark Basic is more like the C family of languages, it is limited and slow (lack of better word). For my current builds I use C#. But for our main build, KANABUS Emerged (full MMORPG Monster Capture), I use c++ and a language called Heroscript. This is because we are using the service of Hero Game Engine for that build. They are great. They dedicate and maintain servers and cloud for Sefron Games. This allows us to solely focus on game build, and allows members of our community to "drop in" on the game world and watch as we build the world and all parts of the game play, live!

Oct 24, 12:04PM EDT0

What’s the most important game mechanic of the past 10 years?

Oct 24, 1:43AM EDT0

What’s the most important game mechanic of the past 10 years?

Another great question. But relies on many factors. Most will say the advancement of graphics. But not all games made are designed to have breathe taking realistic graphics. So I would say the most important is the engines and plug-ins used to create the game. You can have stellar graphics, but means nothing if the software and machine can't handle it.

Oct 24, 12:01PM EDT0

Can you point out the advantages and disadvantages of using packed buffers?

Oct 23, 2:36PM EDT0

Can you point out the advantages and disadvantages of using packed buffers?

Great question, but could you be more specific please? When you get into the topic of buffers, this is a very large category, where the answer is very dependant on many factors, such as game being made, how much of the game runs in a mmo mode, and so forth.

Oct 24, 12:00PM EDT0

What is the basic structure for developing a game?

Oct 23, 2:19PM EDT0

What is the basic structure for developing a game?

Great question, The first thing you have to do, is birth the idea. So grab a pencle, paper, and start brain storming. You need to figure out your story. This is very important, a boring story results in a boring game.Then you need to figure out what functionalities you wish to take plave in your game. Mix it up, get creative, don't follow everyone else's design. To many people do that already. As you can see, pretty much all games are a slightly altered clone of another. Don't be a clone. Think of the items, weapons, currency (if any), and any other features you wish to introduce into your game. Again, be original, don't be a clone. Create your characters. Those being played, NPC's that will interact with your player, such as quest givers, enemeies, all that the player may interact with, and those who will just be used as a "filler" to pop life into a scene. Then Quests. Now this is a very important topic to invest alot of time on. I see soooo many games that do not, and boy it shows. When laying out your quest line, keep it to the story. Don't fill a bunch of "air time" with terrible simple quests such as, kill 20 wild bores. Quests that get off track and have nothing to do with the story gets very boring and repetative. And this is what will kill your gamer community, QUICK. There are more creative ways to fill "air time". Like a side story quest chain. Keep the side story relevent to the main story line, but experiences through anothers eyes, so to say. Another words, how the situation of the main story line is effecting this quest giver, and how the character can help them. This keeps your gamers engulfed and focused. Makes them feel the "hero", keeps the story alive.

Once you have your brain storm done, and have all your thoughts organized, it is time to build.First you need to figure out what platform you want to build for, as an app, or console, or computer, or all. Now it is time to do research and figure out what game engine to use for your build. And keep in mind, never go into building a game with the thought of not doing any scripting. If you use an engine that allows you to build without scripting, well you just set yourself up to become a clone. Your abilities are limited to only what the engine will allow you to do. Do not be scared of scripting, nor let it overwhelm you. Take it slow, one step at a time. When it comes to coding, there are a million ways you can make a function set off. So don't simply look at one method of doing something, look at all the methods. That way it teaches your brain, hey this set up can work for this. It gives you the freedom and knowledge to set up and organize your code. It teaches you how to problem solve and make your code run effiecently. Which when laying out your code, keep in mind that you want very little code running at all times. Keep as many of your functions dormant, till they are needed. This helps with keeping lag minimal when making a MMO. And keeps single play games lightning fast and smooth game play. But lets carry on before I start rambling on. I can always be reached on facebook.com/sefrongames.

So now you got everything layed out, and you built your game. Now it is time to get it out there. Network Network Network. Days full of Networking to get the word out. Make videos, post as much as you can. You will need friends that will share your posts as well, help get the word out. Set up your developers accounts and get your game launched and the word out that your game exists. Just keep in mind, organizing everything is key. From the original thought down to every code you write, stay organized and planned out. I hope I didn't ramble away from your question and this answers it.

Oct 24, 11:59AM EDT0

What’s the biggest thing players just don’t understand about game mechanics?

Oct 23, 1:46PM EDT0

What’s the biggest thing players just don’t understand about game mechanics?

Great question, My personal opinion to this topic is all the mechanics. Most gamers don't put much thought into what it takes to make a game. They don't realize how much goes into something as simple as making a character take a single step, much less putting any thought towards the more complex areas of the development.And you see this very strongly if you play a MMO, where heavy codes are used. And this is made appearant by the fuss people make during server maintnance, or any bug issue that may come about.

Oct 24, 11:58AM EDT0

What non-game art influences you the most?

Oct 23, 1:42PM EDT0

What non-game art influences you the most?

Great question, I am a fantacy buff. I LOVE fantasy art. I feel it is great to see worlds, creatures, humanoids that individuals create while they create a world of there own imagination.

Oct 24, 11:56AM EDT0

What are the main influences behind your games?

Oct 23, 1:16PM EDT0

What are the main influences behind your games?

Great question, I love to tell stories. I write film screenwrites as well. And though making movies is awesome, it is not the same as making a game. When you make a game, you are creating a whole existance. You create a world and all that is in it. Which is simular to making a movie, but were it differs is when you watch your creation come to life through those playing.And here at Sefron Games, the objective goes even deeper. Our goal isn't simply to create games to bring entertainment to our players, but instead we want our players to help our worlds come alive. We are out to create a community, not just great games.We want our community to help bring everything alive. We look for thier input, ideas, what functionality they wish to see in the game play, even their twists and input on story. Without a great community, you really just have another dead end game without much room for growth.But not only do we look for the communities input on games we set out to make, but as well as games they think of. Yes, we will build games created solely by the communities design. We want to bring gaming and Game Development to a new standard.

Oct 24, 11:56AM EDT0
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