My Name is Lawrence Mascia, I make and publish games with ZERO resources, I can help you make and publish yours, AMA

Lawrence Mascia
Jun 12, 2018

Video Games used to be a hard topic to self start. Years of computer science were needed and there were no guides or training on how to even start. Now, we have the opposite. Giant floods of information and resources, but no starting location. . Many people feel lost, confused and don't have the confidence to start. If you have started then where do you go from there? Where do you put your game? Who is your market? How can you structure a company? What are the resources available to you?

My name is Lawrence Mascia and I've failed every math class I've ever taken, been thrown out of a physics class room and generally took up painting because I can't do math. Yet here I am doing complex physics, developing games and shipping them regularly to good promotion and good reviews.

Have a look at one of our upcoming releases on Steam:

I've spoken at New York Comic Con about game development and I've developed most of the Game Design courses in the New Jersey/New York area. 

Have a look at my company

How did I do this? I have no special skills but I am resourceful and crafty. If you've made a game or you're planning to make a game I can help you avoid the pitfalls that stalled me! I'd like to help you launch your game!


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Any crash course you can recommend that can be found online for game creation?
Jun 19, 2:24PM EDT0
Based on your education history, so it’s possible for kids who are not so good in Math to become game developers?
Jun 19, 8:50AM EDT0
What’s the most basic computer specs one must have in order to create a decent game?
Jun 18, 3:23PM EDT0

Pick an engine you want to run on and look at the guidelines for it. You can create a game with literally anything.

Jun 18, 3:37PM EDT0
Do you do the illustrations and animations for your games too?
Jun 17, 2:01AM EDT0

They're kind of split across the company so I'll do varied amounts per project.

Jun 17, 12:10PM EDT0
How young were you when you started creating your own games?
Jun 16, 9:43PM EDT0

Jeez probably sometime in Kindergarten I was making card games.

Jun 17, 12:11PM EDT0
By zero resources, do you mean you spent zero money to create and publish games?
Jun 16, 1:49PM EDT0


Jun 17, 12:11PM EDT0
Do you have a team working with you or would you rather work on a game on your own?
Jun 16, 7:08AM EDT0

There's 8 of us so yeah teamwork makes the dream work!

Jun 16, 2:42PM EDT0
Do you enjoy playing games less now considering you know the backend of it? Perhaps you might be more technical about games? I sometimes feel this way as a writer/editor. When I read books and blogs, I sometimes lose interest when I feel like it could be written better.
Jun 16, 12:44AM EDT0

Nah it's just really I have less tolerance for mistakes in games. If I see bad design it's really really apparently but when I see good design it actually enhances games. It's reduced the number of games I play but the quality of the games has gone up. I definitely feel you on that.

Jun 18, 3:37PM EDT0
Which business model should one choose to monetize their game and why?
Jun 14, 3:06AM EDT0

One price for the game, you can suppliment that income with DLCs or non-game modifying cosmetic items. Anything else is too sleezy.

Jun 16, 2:44PM EDT0
What are your thoughts about Kongregate as a publishing platform? What are the pros and cons?
Jun 14, 2:28AM EDT0

Browser games are still viable? Honestly it's not our thing so we don't use it.

Jun 14, 6:08PM EDT0
What tips can you offer on how to stay motivated to complete you gaming project?
Jun 14, 12:56AM EDT0

Set definitive goals with set finish dates. If anything is up in limbo you'll eventually quit. The rest has to come from your want/need to finish the game.

Jun 14, 6:08PM EDT0
Where can you download free assets, such as music, artwork or sound effects? What are some things that you need to be aware of when using free assets?
Jun 14, 12:40AM EDT0

Artwork I wouldn't know but music and sfx there's a decent selection here:

You just really need to make sure they're free and licensed to be that way or it'll cause massive headaches.

Jun 14, 6:07PM EDT0

Are you on twitch? Which of all the platforms you have a profile on is best for your work so far? And do they all require the same effort to keep?

Jun 13, 7:39PM EDT0

We used to do it regularly here but not as much anymore.

Twitter + Instagram give us the best interaction. They require about the same effort just at different times. I'd honestly just pick one and run with it then automate as much as you can.

Jun 13, 7:49PM EDT1

Many kids want to work game related jobs but don’t realize it is actually a job. How to keep a kid interested and motivated in pursuing career in gaming? Are there some good resources for young wanna-be game developers and designers?

Jun 13, 7:26PM EDT0

The motivation and interest is up to them but small projects with definitive results keep them going. You can't make World of Warcraft as your first game but you can make a simple jumping game. Start them small and let them slowly build for the best results.

Jun 13, 7:28PM EDT0

Do comic cons work? As in worth the time and effort invested for creators? What are some good ones to attend and what should one’s expectations be?

Jun 13, 7:01PM EDT0

They only work if the con is promoting you otherwise take a pass. If you're just another table in the video game section it won't work at all, the people come their for specific reasons that don't involve your game. Don't diversify until you have a solid base in a niche.

Jun 13, 7:10PM EDT0
What steps need to be covered before even starting the process of developing a game?
Jun 13, 10:48AM EDT0

Pick an engine and a place you want it to be then GO GO GO GO GO GO!

Jun 13, 3:45PM EDT0
What are some tips to market your game after it has been published? How can you reach lots of gamers without having a big marketing platform behind you?
Jun 13, 7:59AM EDT0

Pick the smallest niche your game applies and find everything they do and be there. Social media tags, forums, events, go where your niche is.

The only way to reach everyone is to reach a very small group first and expand slowly and gradually. Dominate the smallest market first.

Jun 13, 3:48PM EDT0
Which are good learning resources for a person who wants to design and develop a game and what are you reasons for choosing each one?
Jun 13, 7:47AM EDT0 - for theory and some business - See above

Literally those two things will cover just about any questions that will come up along the way. The rest is more technical achievements.

Jun 13, 3:57PM EDT0
How do you go about if you have a great idea for a game but are afraid of share it for fear of someone stealing it? How can you protect it and still be able to show it around?
Jun 13, 7:22AM EDT0

Short answer: You can't

Long answer: You can't

The only way to protect it is to make it. You need to start and make sure all naming and everything is registered. You have to share development along the way, if someone copies it at least there's attention on it.

Jun 13, 3:58PM EDT0
Can you recommend some tools for 3D animation to create good quality renders and prototypes?
Jun 13, 4:50AM EDT0

Do you mean add ons or existing software? I need more details to help.

Jun 13, 5:43PM EDT0