My name is Márton Szabó and I'm an experienced Esport Team manager. I'm doing an AMA about all you want to know about esports

Márton Szabó
Nov 16, 2017

My name is Márton Szabó and I'm a High School student.

Despite my age, I already have 2 years experience in the esport business.

I'm currently working in Rift Esports which is the first organisation in Hungary with import players and own gaming house

I'm here to answer all of your questions about esports as I believe it's an opportunity which definitely needs more recognition.

You can find me on LinkedIn if you want to connect

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Do your parents support you?

Nov 22, 10:26AM EST0

What games or game genre do you manage?

Nov 20, 4:01AM EST0

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Nov 17, 4:54PM EST0

How does your office or workplace change your work?

Nov 17, 3:31PM EST0

What is Esport?

Nov 17, 11:35AM EST0

Would physical attributes is important to win in the game?

Nov 17, 8:56AM EST0

What preparations do we have to undertake in order to win in your Esport game?

Nov 16, 8:10PM EST0

What non-game art influences you the most?

Nov 16, 4:58PM EST0


Nov 16, 5:16PM EST0

Do you blow off social events to game?

Nov 16, 1:43PM EST0

Not really

Nov 16, 5:16PM EST0

Do you forget appointments, responsibilities or deadlines in work or school when gaming?

Nov 16, 1:33PM EST0

Not really I usually can focus on many things at the same time

Nov 16, 3:03PM EST0

What abilities do we need to have to succeed in Esport games?

Nov 16, 10:46AM EST0

Passion is the most important one other things are improvable

Nov 16, 3:02PM EST0

Do you prefer to game online or offline?

Nov 16, 10:41AM EST0

I don't have much experience in Lans as a player so I will say online

Nov 16, 2:58PM EST0

How does the hardware or platform you’re designing for changing your design?

Nov 16, 8:53AM EST0

I don't design a platform so I don't really get your question

Nov 16, 2:57PM EST0

Who is your best influence?

Nov 16, 6:57AM EST0

Probably UOL's ex-manager Romain

Nov 16, 2:56PM EST0

What’s the biggest thing players just don’t understand about game mechanics?

Nov 16, 2:24AM EST0

I think professional players understand everything. Obviously, they have things that they are better in but they know every role and everything in order to guess what the enemy will have to do.

Nov 16, 2:56PM EST0

How young can anyone participate in your game?

Nov 16, 12:35AM EST0

There is no age restriction in most of the games.

Obviously if the game contains some kind of things which can be hurtful for young children there is an age restrict usually 16+

Nov 16, 2:55PM EST0

How big is the market for esports? Is it really engaging?

Nov 15, 8:58AM EST0


It's huge the biggest companies in the world are entering into it and currently it looks like everyone wants a piece of the cake so huge money are being invested into it mainly in the US.

Nov 16, 5:17PM EST0

What is Esport ?

Nov 15, 4:58AM EST0

Esport is the professional and competitive way of playing video games.

It requires everything that a normal sport does: Good physical and mental health,lot of practice etc 

Nov 16, 2:54PM EST0
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