My name is Mybrownj. Our team's BubbleOut video game development. We want to love with make video games Save The World, Run To Home, Break The Things Bundle 3 mobile games. World in danger, run from imaginary monsters, family taken - AMA

Nov 9, 2017

We have a team that lives in Mongolia and wants to develop a game. We decided to dedicate all our souls to our game and our time. In addition, there is almost no video game studio in our country. Investors sought to find that there was no opportunity for anyone to understand and support this Indiegogo investment opportunity.

We have to reach $ 16,000. Our team currently has three members and is expanding further. There is also knowledge about the development of video games, but there is no environment or devices. Because we do not have money. So, with this investment we have a 3-4 month rental house, three computers, one wacom, one macbook pro. We will first finish these three games. After that The Critical Shifter, adventurous, decided to make a 3rd person game. We hope you understand and support us.


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mybrownj.bor

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What can you say os the intellectual benefits of gaming? 

Nov 10, 3:20PM EST0

Do you also use RPG Maker MV?

Nov 9, 2:01PM EST0

Have you attended any well-known events that could help you gain exposure for your crowdfunding sites?

Nov 9, 9:06AM EST0

What sort of video game are you producing?

Nov 9, 8:09AM EST0

Only PC or Mobile game, Do you make iso platform game?

Nov 9, 3:38AM EST0

What is “Pixel Art”?

Nov 8, 10:51AM EST0

What are the best 30 seconds of game design ever?

Nov 8, 9:51AM EST0

What is PunkBuster? How does it work?

Nov 8, 8:49AM EST0

Should you design for yourself, or should you design for your audience?

Nov 8, 7:56AM EST0

Hello. Game developing could be hard sometimes, and making something you don't like yourself is kind of disappointing and difficult

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Nov 8, 8:04AM EST0

Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfunding campaigns?

Nov 8, 5:02AM EST0

Hello. It's our first time trying to get crowfund. We're just hoping people would notice our passion and sincereness,

Last edited @ Nov 8, 7:59AM EST.
Nov 8, 7:59AM EST0

What’s the biggest thing players just don’t understand about game mechanics?

Nov 8, 3:22AM EST0

Hello. Almost all of intended audiences gets the game mechanics. And we think game mechanics shouldn't be that hard to understand.

Nov 8, 7:58AM EST0

How can you reduce game lag?

Nov 8, 3:18AM EST0

Game optimize.

Nov 8, 7:47AM EST0

Who do you consider at the top of your field, and why?

Nov 7, 8:32PM EST0

There is rockstars, square enix, sucker punch, and ubisoft and more. And I like them because they does very good job making video games.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 7:46AM EST.
Nov 8, 7:44AM EST0

How can educators and universities get involved in game development?

Nov 7, 8:32PM EST0

Help of specialist will be always useful.

Nov 8, 7:33AM EST0

What are the problems you might face while developing game with Java?

Nov 7, 8:24PM EST0

Hi. If you have a good UML and other project documentations you're less like to encounter big problems. And it's not only for Java so knowing this will help you a lot.

Nov 8, 7:27AM EST0

Would you consider getting a specialist onboard in order to help you make this campaign a success?

Nov 7, 4:57PM EST0

Hello. We would appreciate any help to make this campaign successful.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 7:18AM EST.
Nov 8, 7:17AM EST0

What are the models used to make money in gaming business?

Nov 7, 3:34PM EST0

Hello. Our business model's crowfunding -> success -> 3-4 month developing -> finish -> playstore, appstore publish. :D

Nov 8, 7:13AM EST0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Nov 7, 3:25PM EST0

It's our first time trying to get crowfund. We're just hoping people would notice our passion and sincereness,

Nov 8, 7:09AM EST0

What non-game art influences you the most?

Nov 7, 3:17PM EST0

Hello. Movies, animes, musics.

Nov 8, 7:02AM EST0

What educational path should my child take to become a game developer?

Nov 7, 3:09PM EST0

Hello. If you want to get in good company you'll need some educational background or you need to accomplish something that company's want and you cant accomplish anything if you've knowledge.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 6:56AM EST.
Nov 8, 6:52AM EST0

Do you think that maybe your idea is just missing a bit of the fun factor?

Nov 7, 1:34PM EST0

Hi. We are trying to raise our fund via crowfund. kickstart and indiegogo is likely gonna be our choice. In our opinion It's not like all of the game should be fun. Instead games should have something that captures player's heart. And we think have that thing.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 6:43AM EST.
Nov 8, 6:40AM EST0

What are other effective platforms for launching campaigns aside from crowdfunding sites?

Nov 7, 1:25PM EST0

Hello. Kickstarter, indiegogo and share everywhere :D

Nov 8, 6:34AM EST0

What is your inspiration?

Nov 7, 8:25AM EST0

from all video games specially adventure, action games.

Nov 7, 8:38AM EST0
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