Those who game together, Stay together! 5 Months into our Twitch Experience Ask Us Anything #AMA

May 13, 2018

Welcome, We started streaming in December 2017 we are DJT Gamers which are the initials of the founders - Danny - Jenny - Tonkys. We are all dedicated PC Gamers streaming 7 nights a week, Danny and Tonkys have played games together for 10 years and Jenny joined when She and Danny got together 3 years ago, we decided we should give streaming a go and so far it has been amazing we are all twitch affiliate and the best part is the community we are building. We have our own discord page which has grown within the last few months, we have made great friends and support one another's streaming. We look forward to your questions, and you are more than welcome to come join our discord channel or our live streams anytime.

Discord -

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When you both started streaming what was it like, and what point was it where you started getting a couple thousand views every day and what was your initial reaction?
May 17, 9:47PM EDT0
Does streaming help you to calm down and not be as toxic as well as improve your gameplay with the pressure of people watching you‏?
May 17, 5:39PM EDT0
Have you had any hardships with streaming, and if so, how did you two work through them?
May 17, 4:38PM EDT0
What would you say being someone who's experienced going from just a few views to thousands‏?
May 17, 4:19PM EDT0
Do you upload gaming videos that you have recorded to YouTube as well?
May 15, 6:51AM EDT0

we have a youtube channel

We plan to add much more content and i plan to learn how to video edit, at the moment none of us have ever been big on youtube so its something we all need to work on.

May 15, 1:31PM EDT0
What’s the most difficult game you tried to play?
May 14, 6:09PM EDT0

Battle Royal games are the hardest games ive played so far, to know your up against 99 other players all playing for the same goal is a real challenge and makes winning so much sweeter than say a 1v1 on rocket league.

May 15, 1:27PM EDT0
Would you say that you already have a solid fanbase at this point?
May 14, 5:30PM EDT0

Im uncertain what a solid fanbase is? I have Regulars that come in and seem to be enjoying the streams and a growing community on discord. I know when i go live tonight ill have people waiting for me that i never even dreamed would have happened when i first started streaming. thats what makes it so enjoyable!

May 15, 1:26PM EDT0
Do you ever get tired of playing games all the time?
May 14, 3:21PM EDT0

now and again i can get tired of playing certain games. But on a whole I'd say no i do not get tired as i enjoy gaming in my spare time. i have a job and a 4 year old son that i see 3 days/nights a week so i certainly do not game ALL the time.

May 15, 1:23PM EDT0
How do you maintain financial stability as gamers? Do you still have a day job?
May 14, 12:17PM EDT0

all 3 of us work full time monday - friday. The dream would be to stream fulltime.

May 15, 1:20PM EDT0
What camera do you use when streaming?
May 14, 11:46AM EDT0

at the moment im using a  Lifecam 3000 HD. its not the best but its doing the job for me for now.

May 15, 1:19PM EDT0
How does one promote a gaming/streaming channel to gain more followers?
May 14, 11:12AM EDT0

I personally use twitter and instagram

i post what im doing everyday and a weekly schedule, i create posters and spam my twitter feed with them to get as much interactions as possible. 

gaining followers is easy if you go down the follow for follow route but these followers are also mostly out for themselves.

May 15, 1:19PM EDT0
Can gaming ever be considered a full time job?
May 14, 10:40AM EDT0

Yes there are many gamers that earn a good annual income from streaming games alone.

May 15, 1:16PM EDT0
What are the ideal specs of a good gaming PC?
May 14, 6:21AM EDT0

The ideal spec would be the best of everything i suppose. depending on what games you want to play would depend on what Ideal is to you. Im not really up to date with the best gear but from what people tell me my PC is a high end computer.

May 15, 1:16PM EDT0
Aside from your PC, do you play games with other devices too like your phones, tablets, gaming consoles, etc.?
May 13, 11:40PM EDT0

Im mainly a PC gamer, I do own an xbox and a Wii-U but only play on these with my son, i dont really enjoy console gaming and consider PC gamers to be th e"master race" 

May 15, 1:12PM EDT0
Do you stream on any other pages or networks besides Twitch?
May 13, 8:52AM EDT0

No we only use twitch

May 13, 6:06PM EDT0
Is it possible to make any money out of streaming?
May 13, 5:18AM EDT0

Yes it is possible to make money from streaming, the top streamer at the moment is "ninja" hes recently revealed he is making $500,000 a month. However as relitively new streamers we do not stream for money but any donations are much appreciated.

The way we are making money is through donations and Twitch currency "twitch bits". If a veiwer is enjoying the stream they tend to donate or help rpomote the channel.

May 13, 6:52AM EDT0
How has been the response you have gotten so far from your streaming?
May 13, 5:16AM EDT0

Hey this is Danny the "D" in "DJT"

I'm 30 years old and when i mention streming to my friends and family I get responses such as "you have to much time" or "your such a geek!" but where as when your typical family are sat round watching TV we like to Stream instead. I'm still yet to promote our channels on my personal facebook page as allot of my friends do not know that I play computer games. one day soon I think I will bite the bullet and see what response i get! 

The response from Twitch communities has been great, we have made friends with people all over the globe and we "raid" "host" and view eachothers channels as much as possible.

May 13, 7:05AM EDT0
How did the three of you meet in real life? Was it gaming?
May 13, 3:41AM EDT0

Hey this is Danny the "D" in "DJT"

Myself and Tonksy "T" met over 10 years ago, we played computer games in a Clan called Cows With Guns "cWg" at first we just played as teamates on a FPS shooter called Counterstrike, we played competitive matchs and was above average skill level. With time our cWg of 20+ gamers fizzled out and many of them went off to do their own thing me and Tonksy stayed in touch and gamed reguraly for 7 years without any talks of meeting up in "real life". Then i met Jenny my Fiance now, Jenny and I dated for months and my gaming took a back seat for 6 months, Jenny at first didnt strike me as the gamer she is today, when i introduced Jenny to gaming she imeadiatly became hooked playing online Coop games like "7 days to die" and then more competitive games like "overwatch". 

Jenny as soon as she met Tonksy and heard we had been gaming togthether but never met instantly organised a meet up, I was quite nervous about the meet up as i was thinking "what if we dont get on in real life" would we stop gaming?? but luckily we met up and got on in real life as much as we do online, even our two young sons got on great which is why we set up a caravan trip last summer and hopefuly again this year.

May 13, 7:23AM EDT0
What are some of your favorite games to play and why?
May 12, 7:15PM EDT0

Currently we enjoy Rocket League, Player unknown battlegrounds and battefield 1. We tend to play competitive modes whenever possible as we are very competitive with each other and we think tyhis is enjoyable to our veiwers, they seem to enjoy it when Jenny wins more so when me and tonksy do.

May 13, 7:26AM EDT0
Is it possible to have problems about copyright and Content ID affect when you stream your games?
May 12, 10:24AM EDT0

Copyright and Content ID can affect us when we stream our games, if we play copyruighted music our channels can be muted when watching back. As small streamers we havent come across any other problems regarding Copyriight but im sure in the future as we grow we will do.

May 13, 7:30AM EDT0
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