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Aug 13, 2018

AMA with Psychologist Silja Litvin on How A Digital Mental Health Game Can Build Your Emotional Intelligence AND Boost Your Mental Resilience.

Aug 17, 2018

Make some NOIZ on our AMA feed! We are the game-changing AI + Blockchain ad network

Aug 18, 2018

Im 17, my friend and I cant find a job, even when we are persistent. My friend of wants a gaming computer to play with me but we both have no money to pitch in. AMA

Aug 17, 2018

We are a father and twin 13 year old son Android game development studio that spent the summer on our latest game. AMA!

Aug 17, 2018

I’m a 36 year old Canadian and I’ve never played a game of ice hockey. AMA!

Aug 16, 2018

I was a massive, lifelong Penn State fan until the Jerry Sandusky scandal. I haven't watched a game since. AMA!

Aug 15, 2018

i just built a gaming pc myself and it won't turn on. ama so i don't cry

Aug 15, 2018

Since April 2017 I have raised $4,476.00 for charity across 3 gaming marathons known as Tomb Raider Marathon, all dedicated to the Tomb Raider franchise. AMA

Aug 13, 2018

I worked for a professional gaming team over summer AMA

Aug 12, 2018

Playing video games to try and cure my boredom. AMA

Aug 12, 2018

I'm lonely and tired, distractedly semi-working on making a game, and wishing my fiancé would wake up. Need some kind of human interaction to tide me over, so... AMA?

Aug 10, 2018

I am a dedicated gamer for 40 years and played Arcade, Handhelds, Atari 2600, C64, Amiga, PC, Wii and PS4. I started as a kid, was a league player in my twenties and enjoy casual gaming but also so...

Aug 9, 2018

I'm one of those guys who scream at the refs during little league games ama.

Aug 8, 2018

I work at Nintendo as a game designer ASK ME ANYTHING

Aug 8, 2018

Stayed up way past my bed time to watch season finale of Game of Thrones AMA

Aug 7, 2018

8 months ago I let my brother move in with me when he broke up with his SO. His ex is now doing his dishes and laundry while he lays on my couch playing video games for the past 3 hours, AMA.

Aug 7, 2018

I just read all 1,736,054 words of THE GAME OF THRONES series. AMA

Aug 6, 2018

Not sure whether to compete in the big basketball game or sing with this really hot chick in a school play. AMA

Aug 5, 2018

I know that this isn’t uncommon, but I love both PC and Console gaming. AMA

Aug 4, 2018

I won my first Magic The Gathering game against my friend AMA

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