We are Robert Love and Tyler Layhew, owners of DoubLLe, LLC. Come AMA about our brand new entertainment development company and our first project, Army of Sloths!

DoubLLe, LLC
Jan 11, 2018

We are Robert Love and Tyler Layhew (owners and members of DoubLLe, LLC), and we have recently launched our first game, Army of Sloths on Kickstarter! DoubLLe, LLC is a new company focusing on the creation and development of various forms of entertainment. We chose to start in the tabletop industry.

Army of Sloths is a refreshingly new and exciting, survival card game in which you must work to outlast your opponents, Use sloths and actions to wither defend your precious leaf supply, or deply them to take down your enemies' defenses. Rather than go into too much detail here, you can read all about the game, and see our video at the following link:


We look forward to answering any questions you have about the project, our company, or us!


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In a scale of 1-10, how do you rate the difficulty level of this game?

Jan 17, 6:04AM EST0

How many different card games have you played in your life? Do you remember the first card game you played? What was it?

Jan 16, 5:17PM EST0

How many people are needed to play this game?

Jan 12, 4:48AM EST0

It is made for 2-4 players, but we do recommend 3 or 4 because the playing experience is more enjoyable (still really fun with 2 though)! If you have 2 copies of the game you can expand the number of players to 4-8!

Jan 12, 11:51AM EST0

Can you tell us something about yourselves, your background, what you do, etc.?

Jan 12, 4:43AM EST0

Robert Love - I recently graduated from Allegheny College with a degree in Chemistry. I am currently looking at grad schools, and starting my own business (DoubLLe, LLC). I enjoy playing games (both video games and tabletop), sports, movie, hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.

Tyler Layhew - I have a degree in mechanical engineering. I enjoy drawing and painting, as well as playing sports.

Jan 12, 1:12PM EST0

When was the prototype created and when was the final program finished?

Jan 11, 7:00PM EST0

Our first prototypes were ordered back in July and we've been wokring on them since. Some minor tweaks are still in the works, but will be done by the end of our Kickstarter campaign on February 4th!

Jan 11, 8:17PM EST0

What other card game would you bring up as most similar to this one?

Jan 11, 6:56PM EST0

Speaking on games that I know about and/or have played before, I don't think there is a great comparison. The theme of sloths is already something rarely used, and this mixture of mechanincs is also something differen . Some of the mechanics can be found in other games out there (such as Five Crowns and War), but speaking on the game as a whole, I dont find it too similar to anything. 

Jan 11, 8:15PM EST0

How do you describe an interesting game?

Jan 11, 2:27PM EST0

Well an interesting game and a good game are different. We have played games that we thought were fun, but not interesteing, and we have played games that were interesting, but not fun. For us, an interesting game is one that keeps you wanting to play. It's a game that after you lose, you feel that there's something you can do to alter your strategy to have a better chance of winning. But not a game that has one strategy that always dominates others. There has to be a good balance of luck and strategy required to win. Our goal was to make an interesting and fun game, and we feel we did that with Army of Sloths!

Jan 11, 8:23PM EST0

How many revisions did you have to make to finally say the product is ready?

Jan 11, 12:55PM EST0

We lost count. We've changed the artwork numerous times for practicality and to make it look better. We've made minor changes to the rules a lot, but none recently as we feel it is a polished game. No large overhauls though, which has been great!

Jan 11, 12:58PM EST0

When did you develop your interest in games?

Jan 11, 12:33PM EST0

We play games all the time with our friends and have been doing it for years, so I'd have to say 10+ years ago! That certainly helped us in developing this game because we've been able to see what has and has not worked in everthing we've played.

Jan 11, 12:46PM EST0

Who are your target costumers? Which market does this game appeal to the most?

Jan 11, 12:01PM EST0

We don't have a specific target audience. We wanted to make a game that appeals to all groups and all ages. We think we did just that.

Jan 11, 12:03PM EST0

Do you already have a new card game in mind? If yes, when do you plan to invent this?

Jan 11, 10:52AM EST0

Yes we do (both card games and board games)! And while we would love to get going on that right now we are preoccupied with doing everything we can to make the Army of Sloths campaign successul on Kickstarter. However, we do have people focused on new proects, and work will begin immediatley following the current Kickstarter campaign!

Jan 11, 11:01AM EST0

For a parent, is this game acceptable to be played for school aged children?

Jan 10, 11:14PM EST0

Absolutely! Definitely acceptable for kids to play. Not too complicated for them to learn, but not too easy that adults won’t have fun. Good for all ages and can be a great family game!

Jan 11, 10:58AM EST0

Goingto try it out, thank you.

Jan 11, 12:06PM EST0

What is the inspiration behind Army of Sloths?

Jan 10, 6:16AM EST0

Our first game didn’t work out, and we realized that the world was more saturated with board games than card games, so we made them our focus. It was important to us to pick something that has rarely if ever been done before (Sloths in an Army, exactly what we needed), especially because of the high number of games already in the industry.

Jan 11, 10:58AM EST0

Is game inventing a tedious work? What do you find most challenging?

Jan 10, 5:43AM EST0

Tyler Layhew - Game making is very tedious work. You are left play testing for countless hours to make sure your game is complete. Much of the artwork, seems to get repetitive after awhile. The hardest part of all of it is convincing people that your idea is a great one. We learned very early that just because you have a good idea, doesn’t mean that everything is cut out for you. You know you have a good idea, but trying to convince others is by far the biggest challenge.

Robert Love - Well, for Tyler, yes. He’s the artist, and he’s put a tone of time into the artwork, and we’ve redone the design of the cards so much that it has gotten tedious. For me though, my work has not become tedious yet, apart from the countless hours of playtetsting to make sure every scenario is covered. But that's why you just make a really fun game so that you don't get annoyed playing it, that's what we did! The hardest part of what I have had to do is market the game, and that has gotten more frustrating than tedious. When you know you have a good product and you believe in it, it is hard when others don’t see it that way. But overall, I would sat it has not been tedious, it has been rewarding to finally do something I have always wanted to!

Jan 11, 10:55AM EST0

After successfully launching a card game, what other forms of entertainment do you have lined up?

Jan 10, 12:58AM EST0

We really want to get into app development, video games, and online video. In fact, we already have a strong idea lined up and ready to go for an app. Work should begin soon!

Jan 11, 10:52AM EST0
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What is your favorite card game and why?

Jan 10, 12:42AM EST0

Robert Love - Can I say Army of Sloths, is that okay? But if we’re talking games that were not created by DoubLLe, LLC then I would have to say Dominion by far. Recently my friends and I have been highly interested in this game. It’s because of the versatility. You can play the game so many different ways that every time that you play it, it’s different.

Tyler Layhew - Army of Sloths haha. But I don’t really have a favorite card game. We have played numerous games among our friends and I like them all for various reasons. I can’t pinpoint one that stands out.

Jan 11, 10:52AM EST0

What is your plan for Army of Sloths? Like, do you plan to take this to a publisher to be manufactured?

Jan 9, 10:58PM EST0

Well, that depends on a number of factors. Our goal though, is to get funded on Kickstarter and publish the game ourselves and continue from there. We want to become a publisher, so we don’t have to go through others. However, it could be a path we take if things don’t work out how we plan, or if we were to get approached by an already established publisher.

Jan 11, 10:50AM EST0

How do you see yourselves in the next 3-5 years?

Jan 9, 12:33PM EST0

On top of the world. Obviously. But honestly? We just hope to be successful. We're doing this because it’s something that we really want to do, and we want to be able to keep doing it. Hopefully by then our company has expanded into other forms of entertainment, especially video games, apps, and online videos. We are optimistic as we already have ideas and plans in motion to make this happen!

Jan 11, 10:50AM EST0
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There are numerous games already created, what are your marketing initiatives to be ahead of the competition?

Jan 9, 11:53AM EST0

Well to start, Sloths, they're adorable. And yes, we know how saturated the market is. It was one of the reasons it took us so long to get into this business, we were worried. But people love games, and eventually, even though the older games are still great, people go looking for something new. That is why we made Army of Sloths. We brought in a fresh theme, with interesting mechanics.

We also made the game 2 games in 1, as there are 2 ways to play with the same deck of cards. This will help keep players entertained since they can always switch it up (and get this, we're even working on a third that could be released post campaign, but will be playable with the same deck)!

We made the game as strategy oriented as possible, allowing players the ability to switch up their tactics each game until they find what works for them. 

We made it easy for players to expand the number of total players for a game from 2-4 to 4-8. All you have to do is combine 2 decks! 

And finally, Sloths, they're adorable.

Jan 11, 11:14AM EST0

Can't wait for the honeybadger game..

Jan 11, 12:07PM EST0

What are the skills necessary to become a successful game inventor?

Jan 9, 9:27AM EST0

Well you certainly need a good artist. A game is nothing without the artwork. Without it, there's nothing to pull the players in. We could have the best combinations of mechanics out there, but without the art, you just have an idea. In addition, having thick skin helps haha. You're going to take criticism, a lot of it, even from those closest to you. You have to be able to handle it, push forward, and use those critiques to help make your product better. 

Jan 11, 11:17AM EST0
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